I have had the privilege of having the first device that Kurt invented in our clinic. It is obvious that this has had more impact on my practice than anything I have ever implemented. Having had a Mohs practice for over 16 years, we have learned to become more efficient and productive over the years. Having the True Margin device has allowed us to become much faster while being more accurate. There are definitely less false positives which brings tissue sparing to a new level. I cannot imagine practicing without this device in our clinic.

The device ensures that the two most important aspects of Mohs Surgery are achieved. Highest cure rates, by facilitating the processing of the complete margin, and tissue sparing, by eliminating wastage of tissue cut before that margin is visualized. It is very appropriate that the device is named “True Margin”, because the slides resemble as closely what the surgeons blade passes on the patient. There is minimal tissue wastage in processing ensuring tissue sparing and fewer false positives or even smaller subsequent layers compared to standard processing.

The implementation of the device has allowed us to increase volumes steadily over the last few years. Although I have the most experienced Tech with the device as he is in the inventor, I have noticed that even he is becoming more efficient with time.  In fact, the efficiency in the lab is so good that the rate limiting step in the clinic is no longer waiting for slides! The nurses are amazed by how fast slides are out and are finding that setting up patients is often the rate limiting step now.


M.D. Manish Khanna, Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, Canada